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ICT-contracts refer to the collective name for different legal agreements. The agreements differ from each other. When you are for instance a game developer or software developer making a new product you probably need to use different agreements to legally protect your interests. Under this item you can find information about common mistakes in negotiating ICT-agreements.

What do we offer?

  • Tailor-made solutions in drafting and negotiation ICT-agreements. With our quick scan we can check your existing agreements.
  • Standardized contracts for our subscription members we offer standardized contracts and a checklist.

With which agreements can we help you?

  • ERP-agreements, Cloud Computing-agreements, Software and hardware reseller-agreements.
  •  Webhosting-agreements, SAAS-agreements and ASP-agreements.
  • System integration management-agreements, Software license-agreements and ICT – project-agreements.
  • Software development-agreements, Software license-agreements and Escrow-agreements.
  • Outsourcing-agreements, SLA-agreements, Maintenance-and Support-agreements and Website develop-agreements.

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