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About Kreinn

Kreinn is a law consulting firm -based in Amsterdam- specialized in IT Law, Privacy Law and data protection, Collaboration agreements and Intellectual Property Law (IP). The rapid change in technology offers all kinds of new business opportunities. Kreinn likes to partner with its clients to identify law issues concerning these opportunities.

Who is Kreinn?

Kreinn stands for creativity and innovation in Dutch. Kreinn is the name Frank Laurens Jansen LL.M uses to work together with other law professionals, and under which name he advices and publishes. In this relatively new sector, he has years of experience. He has worked for investors and startups, tech, gaming and advertisement companies. The legal knowledge and experience in the IT sector, combined with a transparent and a good service attitude gives him the right mindset that can help reduce risk, identify opportunities, and save you money.

The way of working

I believe in transparency meaning that my clients can follow their file. I also believe that not all legal work has to be custom made, so I offer standardized agreements in those cases tailor work is not necessary. In some cases tailored work is necessary and I believe, I can offer the best expertise. I like to be available and accessible for our clients.

What does Kreinn offer?

  • Legal advise in IT Law, Privacy Law and data protection, Collaboration Law and Intellectual Property Law (IP).
  • Drafting and negotiations of agreements.
  • Standard agreements, with a checklist.
  • Free access to legal publications in our DENKTANK  where we explain main legal issues for people active in the IT sector.

Doing business in the world of tomorrow